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Accessing Email

Using WebMail and/or Configuring/Setting up Email Client Accounts



You can access (send and receive) your email for any MAILBOX account by either or both of two methods:

Note: This applies to 'MAILBOX' type of accounts. This does NOT apply to an email FORWARD type accounts - there is no client set up required to receive email forwarding (except that the forward-to address should already be set up).

  1. Access email on the web with your web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari or other web browser program).

  2. Access email using an email client program - such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird or other email reader program).


1. Using WebMail to access your email (send and receive) directly on the web (without using Outlook or other email client) for MAILBOX accounts.

You can access you email mailbox directly on the web for 1&1 accounts using 'WebMail' by the following simple procedure:

  • CLICK ON the following link (or type in the following URL into the Address/URL line of your Internet Browser [such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox or Apple Safari or other browser program):  (Clicking on link opens WebMail Login screen in a new window)
  • This will bring up the WebMail Login Screen - simply supply your USERNAME and PASSWORD at the indicated prompts on the Login screen
  • Click on the 'Login' button
  • This will bring up a new screen: you will see your Inbox, Outbox, other information along with HELP support on the page.


2. Instructions for setting up Outlook or other Email Client Program to access your email (send and receive) for MAILBOX accounts.

For users of 1and1 Web Hosting Packages:
(Other Web Hosting Service Packages are similar - you can usually use the 1&1 instructions by substituting the other Web Host's incoming and outgoing server names for the incoming and outgoing 1&1 server names, respectively - or simply use the other Hosting Service's FAQ pages..)

Click on the link below - it will take you to an Index of various email clients and mail setups - you most likely want to set up a POP3 account. If you are unsure, USE POP3 - do NOT use IMAP - unless you are sure that is what you want to do and you are familiar with how it works, etc. Most people use POP3 type accounts. The instructions are step-by-step and include screenshots.

Set up Various Clients (Email Programs) for 1and1 Hosting (Index)


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