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Apple Mouse Fix

Repairing the Apple Mouse or Apple Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball when it quits scrolling

After a few months, the scroll ball, which is on the TOP of the Apple Mouse, may quit working. This is apparently a common problem as there is much discussion of this on the internet. The scroll ball either quits working in both directions, or may quit working in just ONE direction. It seems to be common for it to quit working in the DOWN scroll direction, but still work in the UP direction.

There is a lot of information on the internet on how to FIX this problem. Some of what I read entails taking the mouse apart to fix it. There is a tutorial on how to fix the Mighty Mouse (which is the WIRELESS version). The fix involves taking an Xacto knife and cutting off the lower 'retaining ring', taking the mouse completely apart and cleaning the area around the ball; then the mouse is re-assembled and the ring that was cut off has to be re-glued using super glue.

Not wanting to go through all that if if an easier but effective method could be found, we tried an experiment that seemed to cure the problem. The mouse we 'operated on' happens to be the WIRED version, but the remedy will probably work on the wireless "Mighty Mouse" unit also.

In case you do not mind doing all that work and/or would like to view the "disassemble and rebuild" tutorial, see:


Here is a much easier procedure that has been found to work effectively:

You will need to obtain one of those pressurized 'dust remover' cans with a straw-like output tube attached as shown in the below picture:

(NOTE: these 'dust remover' cans are handy to have around the office anyway and are useful for cleaning the keyboard and other similar jobs. The's are available at office supply and department stores; you can save money by purchasing a box full at one of the 'wholesale clubs' in your area if you feel you will be using a large quantity. Other brands, where available, will of course work fine.)



Depress the scroll ball on top of the mouse with a small screwdriver or fingernail slightly so that a gap opens up around it - using the long tube supplied with the 'dust remover' can, blow air into the open gap. You may have to repeat this at several locations around the circumference of the track ball opening. See picture below:


This procedure has worked successfully on a number of occasions now.

It is much easier than disassembling, cleaning and then re-gluing the mouse.

We hope this helps.



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