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Make <Home> Library Visible in Finder

The "Library" folder under the user directory was visible in Leopard and Snow Leopard, but is not in Lion. Normally it is not necessary to look diretly into the Home/Library folder and is safer for it not to be visible. But in case you are backing up specific folders in the Library folder (such as Mail, for example) the folloiwng simple porcedure will make the Library folder accessible again:

  • 1. Openthe Terminal application (Located under Accessories --> Utilities)
    - the file should open in your home directory [i.e. the prompt will read: 'ComputerName:~:<UserName>$
  • Type the following command and hit Enter: chflags nohidden ~/Library
  • The Library Folder should now be visible under your <UserName> in Finder


Bounce Email In Lion

There is a "Bounce" command in Mail under menu item "Message". This is not found in Lion.
There is a lot of debate of how useful this command ultimately is - regardless, if you want to Bounce and email, it can be done with the Automator and put under Mail --> Services --> "Bounce Email" (or whatever name you wish).

I found the article and procedure on the following linked website to work fine - you have to download and open a Zip file and follow a simple procedure. The linked article is easy to follow:



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