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Instructions for Downloading and Installing PrimoPDF Writer

  1. Go to

  2. click on the "Download Free" button - as shown below:

  3. Next, you will get another page - click the "Download Now" button:

  4. You MIGHT see a message near the top of your Internet Explorer - as shown below -
    if you get that message, then RIGHT-Click on the message bar and click 'Download....'

  5. That will pop up another window - as shown below - Click the RUN button:

  6. If you get a 'cannot verify...' message, go ahead and click RUN on that, too....

  7. Click "OK" to English:

  8. Click NEXT:

  9. Click "I Agree" (not shown)

  10. Click "Do not Install Bing bar" - (unless you want to add more complexity and possible slow things down)

  11. Click Install (shown below):

  12. Fill in your name (it's ok - they are a reputable company):

  13. Click "Finish" (not shown)

  14. You should now have the round PrimoPDF Icon on your DESKTOP - all you have to do is DROP any file (PUBLISHER, WORD, EXCEL, etc.) onto that Icon and a PDF File will be created in the same directory as the original file you dropped.

Open your Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) - Find a file - just as if you were going to find it to attach to an email or edit it -
THEN - DRAG and DROP the file onto the Desktop Icon (shown above) and the PDF file will be created in the same directory
(asyour source file) with the ".PDF" extension.


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