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Instructions for downloading MalwareBytes.

Updated 4/23/2011

Important Notice: Before running Malwarebytes or any other program that has the potential to "cleanup" you computer by deleting or quarantining files, it is HIGHTLY RECOMMENDED that you first set a "Restore Point" using Microsoft's "System Restore" utility. More on System Restore.

Key Points

  • We have 'fixed' a variety of problems on a number of computers by running a scan with MalwareBytes and having it repair or remove infected items
  • Malwarebytes often detects items that were MISSED by other AV programs running on the computer, such as Norton and Shield Deluxe, etc.
  • Malwarebytes does not interfere with any existing or running anti virus software you may already have installed
  • Malwarebytes does not RUN all the time, only when YOU tell it to..

Download instructions

  • Go to
  • Click on the above link or COPY and PASTE it into the Address Bar of your browser. Do not use the browser's SEARCH line - use the ADDRESS (URL) main input on the browser.
  • You should get the window that is partially shown below: (The actuall screen may vary somewhate, as it changes from time to time, but should be similar to that shown below.)

MalwareBytes Screenshot (1)


  • Click on the "Download free version" blue button.
  • You will probably get redirected to another dowload website, either or - either site is "safe", but MajorGeeks is VERY confusting (at least to us) - they try to get you to click on all sorts of other stuff they are tyring to sell.
  • If you get MajorGeeks, we recommend going directly to CNET Download
    • Go to:
    • If the above link does NOT work: Go To: --> Downloads --> Windows Software --> in "The Dowload Software Finder" select:
    • Platform=Windows
    • Category=Security Software
    • Price=Free
    • Click "GO"
  • You should get the following OR SIMILAR screen - partially shown below:

MalwareBytes Screenshot(2)

  • Click on the "Download Now (xx.xx MB) button toward the left (as shown above).
  • Ignore the Anti-Virus 'Start Download' button that appears toward the right of the screen.
  • In Windows, you will probably get another pop-up window for the download.
  • You can either SAVE the program, or select RUN - easiest is to select RUN
  • THEN - accept all the defaults.
  • MalwareBytes will start running automatically (if you just keep clicking 'next' and taking all the defaults.)
  • When MalwareBytes runs, you will see the MalwareBytes Window -
  • just to be sure click the | Update | TAB (at the top) and then click the [Check for Updates] button.
  • It will probably either download and install some updates or say you now have the latest.
  • Then, in the MalwareBytes Window, Click the | Scanner | TAB , Select "* Perform full scan" RADIO and then click the [Scan] button.
  • It will take some time - if MalwareBytes does find things, it is generally best to let the program remove the infected items, in my experience.
  • MalwareBytes will often find infections that other programs such as Norton and Shield Deluxe (and more) 'miss', or do not detect.
  • It's a good idea to run MalwareBytes periodically or when you notice a symptom or get a 'bad feeling' or suspect you may have clicked on something that is potentially harmful.
  • The FREE version does NOT update and does NOT scan on its own - you will have to perform this manually
  • MalwareBytes does not interfere with other exiting and installed Internet Security / Anti-Virus software.


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